The corner polisher machine mod. Ebro 8/4/2G, has been designed to polish and glaze of granite and marble corners.

The use of the vertical polishing system, decreases the break of the pieces in comparison with the horizontal polishing system.

This specific model has been designed for workshops, although it has been built with 8 polishing headstock, guaranteeing a high production. The machine has been conceived to occupy small spaces, as well as to polish kitchen finishing stones and skirting board covers until 5 cm highness.  The machine also mitres angles from 0 to 90º.

The incorporation of a computerized system allows the creation of balanced steps, angle bevels etc. The client can incorporate, if needed, a touchscreen for the control panel.


  • Stainless steel chassis.
  • 1 Gauge headstock + POLISHING.
  • 6 Polishing headstock of 2CV.
  • 2 Beveling machines of  2CV.
  • 1 Beveling machine of 2CV.
  • 1 Gutter of 5,5CV.
  • PVC transporter belt equipped with a guide.



  • Cut electronic speed adjustment.
  • Computerized system for the machine adjustment.
  • Abrasive end warning.
  • Skirting board polishing at 5cms height.
  • Working hours counter
  • Working lineal meters counter device
  • The machine can also mitre
  • Gutter and edge pilaster.
  • Milling cutter with form for the rounded edge roughing-down.
  • Return rectifier.
  • Control and positioning of the motorised gutter disc. 



  • Motorised sliding carriage.
  • Automatic water circuit.
  • Anti vibration legs.
  • Abrasive diameter selection.
  • First headstock for calibration use.
  • Chromatic touchscreen.
  • Total isolation and sealing of the polishing headstocks
  • Centralized evacuation of the water.
  • Flow switch. Device for the lack of pressure and water volume detection.
  • CE Certificate of Compliance.



  • Height: 1.230mm.
  • Width: 1.300mm.
  • Length: 3.900mm.
  • Weight: 2.400 Kg.